And We’re Off – Road Report Day 1

August 8, 2016 by Tom McCracken
bus, Jeep, and bikes ready to leave Dallas

Our first leg was a 365 mi365-mile from Dallas to Amarillo. I only had one hour of drive time on the bus, so it was nice to have some known roads to get familiar with the rig.

We spent all of Saturday organizing everything into all the storage lockers and cabinets in 100 degree plus heat. All we thought we had left to do Sunday morning was assembling the A frame tow bar and hook up the Jeep. Needless to say, we hit some snags. So we left 3 hours late, around noon.

Things went pretty much to plan after we finally got on the road. Not much more to say in words, so here are the photos and videos.


Photos IMG_1117bus, Jeep and bikesWelcome to Wichita Fallsrain cloud loomingFleetwood Discovery hauling a SUV, golf cart and a boatFleetwood Discovery hauling a SUV, golf cart and a boatcool Texas landscapecool Texas landscapeIMG_0378Grabing dinner in AmarilloCrashing out after a long day 1