iPhone GPS Fail – Road Report Day 2

August 9, 2016 by Tom McCracken
spray painted cars sticking out of ground at Cadillac Ranch

On day two of ROW driving, we had several close calls. An interesting day on the road.

The Oasis RV Park we were staying in Amarillo was right next to the famous Cadillac Ranch. So we went by before hitting the road.

On the road, things got interesting. To start, we were on a four lane road and came across a curious sign; “One Lane Ahead” followed by a 60 MPH speed limit sign. Do they mean one lane in both directions or one lane period? It seems you should be going slower than 60 if there is only one lane.

Sure enough, we came across a guy all by himself directing traffic with one of those Stop/Slow two-sided signs. They were doing road construction and painting the middle line, so they were just letting a single line of traffic go in each direction. We waited for a southbound line of cars; then a traffic director told us to go.

We drove up next to a small crew doing the painting. A steam roller was on the left side doing a wide u-turn right into us. We swerved into the shoulder, but he kept coming. At the last second, he saw us and stopped within literally 6 inches of taking off our back left side.

Adrenaline pumping, we stopped for lunch at a Dairy Queen. When we got back to the road, our iPhone GPS said it was re-routing us for some reason or another. I think it was because of inclement weather. We were now going to take Folsom Highway. We were a little leery of turning off the main road, but it is a highway after all – umm, no.

We spent the next 45 miles averaging 25mph on a tiny two-lane country road with no shoulder through the mountains. The good news, it felt like driving through Scotland, and since we were the only people on the road, we just drove down the middle.

We finally got to the Goldfield RV Park about 3 hours late and came within 4 inches of hitting a car backing the bus into a minuscule spot.

What a day. We had to learn how to bleep f-bombs in the video. Here it is, enjoy.



RV Ranch Oasis RV Park in the distance Cadillac Ranch in the distance Entrance for Cadillac Ranch No graffiti on this side of sign Cadillac Ranch

Tom McCracken checking out caddies
Caddie stuck in dirt
Spray can paint at Cadillac Ranch

Bus at Cadillac Ranch panorama On the road in New Mexico Road office Storms ahead Small country road Small country road Praying mantis on our water hookup