The Program

Live Seminar

We start with a fast paced tour of essential techniques proven to unleash your web efforts. From the strategic to tactical, everyone should leave with actionable new ideas for making their website more impactful.

We will cover a lot of topics in the first session, the goal of the second is to make them more tangible. Using a real website, we step through the user experience for several key customer journeys that highly effective websites deliver.

For the final session, we’ll get a little interactive fun. Using audience submitted websites, we will do several website valuations. Sites will be analyzed by experts to determine their value and provide insights to improve results.

On-Demand Workshop

To help you truly implement the essential strategies, we offer an online training course. At your own pace you can learn how to build on the strategies from the live seminar to implement a better online presence.

The course walks you through a complete system for building results oriented websites and doing digital marketing the right way. We will move beyond mere strategy to provide a comprehensive framework of tactics and tools.

The course unveils scores of techniques, tips and tricks for delivering unparalleled online user experiences and business impact. Like so many endeavors, knowledge is not enough, you also need a superior set of tools.

We have put together the ultimate tool set for you also. We have built an all-in-one content management and marketing system based on open source technology. We are offering attendees a free instance of the Profession version of the Open Enterprise platform to help you learn and build your results oriented website faster and better.

Workshop outline:

  • Session 1: Get Strategic: How leaders are growing their business on the modern web
  • Session 2: Manage Right: Building state-of-the-art websites that look great on all devices
  • Session 3: Attract the Masses: Content, SEO, and social media that drives traffic and engagement
  • Session 4: Convert More: Driving sales by optimizing lead conversion and customer retention
  • Session 5: Engage Best: Build trust and brand by delivering the right content and user experience.
  • Session 6: Work Smarter: Measuring and maximizing results with intelligent analytics